How Are You Benefitting From Compound Interest?

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Compound interest “He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it,” Albert Einstein reportedly said. Having compound interest working in your favor is one of the best ways to generate wealth today. The beauty of compound interest is that it allows you to earn interest on your interest – so that while you have to sweat to earn the money you initially invest, from then on your money works on your behalf. There are three rules to start benefitting from compound interest:

Reinvest the dividends

In order to start benefitting from compound interest, the dividends earned must be reinvested over a long period of time. This allows for future dividend payments to be paid on top of past dividend payments. Watch your account multiply!Money tree

Invest over the long term

Compound interest and time go hand in hand, the longer you save or invest the more the account grows! Those who benefit from compound interest the most are those who are saving/ investing for long periods of time. Don’t think in terms of 3-5 years consider 15-30 years enjoy the real benefits of compound interest.

Graph with cash Keep adding money

Consistent contributions adds fuel to the compounding flame. Overtime the earnings gained from your monthly contributions add up. to take full advantage of compound interest you have to make a conscious effort to keep investing/saving. Make a plan to set aside a set figure to invest on a monthly basis. has some great explanations on the pros and cons of compound interest for further reading.
The longer you leave your money untouched, the more powerful the compounding effect becomes. the wealthy have figured out that in order to retain wealth you must have compound interest working in your favor and not against you.  Saving with us allows you to take advantage of compound interest. This is a benefit the banks do not give to ordinary account holders. It’s high time you start benefitting from compound interest! Start your account with us today!
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    July 25, 2022 5:27 pm

    Oh, yes, I am ready to begin but gone are the days when our Credit Union can say bring your money. I never used to take out my dividends but now I am not even getting any to leave and not even hearing a single word from the Manager nor the President. Are they still there…? Total disrespect to the entire membership. not even on WORD or I didnt hear it…. May God bless you all.


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