On the 28th of August 1946 Levi Proctor, Oscar Spencer, Brave Clarke, Berle Moore, Ena Polle, James Stewart, Ena Baird, Michael Cudjoe, Arthur Mc Kenzie, Basil Pitt, Josiah Trim, and Hannah Clarke first registered the Lambeau Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited.

Since then, the Credit Union has grown from serving 15 persons to a membership of over 6000 members. They had little idea that the initial sum of fifty dollars they pulled together would have grown to a substantial and diverse investment portfolio. They progressed from giving its first loan of $25 to Ena Polle to lending tens of millions of dollars a year. They would have had little idea that this institution would have gained no less than twenty letters of recognition and awards for the Society’s performance and its service to the people of Tobago.

Service above profit has always been at the core of our being. Our entrepreneurship was never driven by the greed of the few but has always been, and will continue to be, to the benefit of all. Our first president, Mr. Michael Cudjoe, said it best at our first Annual General Meeting held on 8th August 1947 when a surplus of $16.00 was declared, That Lambeau Credit Union was established not for gain but to help members!